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TransSeal Spray Booth Coating White is a peelable protective coating used to protect walls and floors in spray booths from paint overspray and paint build-up.  Product goes on white and dries to a bright white surface.


Transseal Spray Booth Coating Clear is a peelable protective coating used to protect windows and glass light panels in spray booths, walls, painted surfaces, and equipment.  Product goes on white and dries to a clear semi-opaque surface.  

TransSeal Spray Booth Coating Gray is a anit-slip peelable protective coating used to protect concrete floor or metal grate.

TRANSSEAL® OPE (Oven Particle Encapsulator) is a 2 mil aluminum foil coated with a heat-activated non-silicone adhesive. The material when used in an oven with temperatures in a range from 180 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit collects airborne dirt and dust particles to eliminate paint defects. The OPE Aluminum Film is provided in roll form of 24”x300’.  For pricing, please contact customer service at

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