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High-Quality Ingredients

GROCO's QuickDry Metal coatings are specially formulated, complex acrylics designed, to meet the requirements of replacing high volatile organic compound (VOC) solvent-based coatings.  Our primers and paints are water-based and are anti-corrosion resistance for direct-to-metal applications.

High-Quality Performance

GROCO's QuickDry Metal coatings have exceptional performance and are excellent replacement for solvent-based coatings because of the early air-dry and low temperature-bake combined with easy application methods.

Our Quick Dry Temperature Resistance and High Heat Finish is an acrylic co-polymer emulsion that is specially formulated to meet the requirements of high heat environments.  

Available Products:

  • Primer

  • Flat Finish

  • Satin Finish

  • Gloss Finish

  • OSHA Approved Finish

  • Heat Resistance Finish

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