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Our wide array of products are low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are either waterborne or water-based.  We have two robotically applied liquid coating technologies:

Being one of the first waterborne paint manufacturer in the US after 10 years of dedicated research and development in the 1970, GROCO converted the entire product lines (TransSeal, QuickDry, Covercrete, and Gro-mast) to environmental safe formulations for all customer protective coating requirements.


The LATC™ Liquid Applied Transit Coating material which is cured by short/medium wave IR or convection oven technology and in production since 2020 for inline mutilation and transport protection.


The LAUV™ Liquid Applied UltraViolet material which is as well as a Transit Coating material but cured by ultraviolet light and under development for interior application.

We produce permanent coatings and temporary protective coatings and films for raw and finished metals, alloys, granite, marble, ceramic, glass and concrete.

All of our products provide protection from harsh environments, accidental damage during assembly and transit.

We develop protective coating technologies unique to the manufacturing and industrial industries.

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