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COVERcrete is a concrete sealant used on existing concrete area that needs renovating.  It is a cost effective option with a range of colors, textures, and designs for your driveways, paths, pool decks, garage floors, patio areas, and more.  Covercrete is easy to design, easy to color, easy to shine, and easy to protect.

brochure template Cover crete (1).jpg

Easy to Design

COVERcrete concrete premix and overlay are concrete mix base to apply over existing old concrete.

brochure template Cover crete 2.jpg

Easy to Color

COVERcrete concrete stains and paints allow you to color your concrete to whatever color you'd like.

brochure template Cover crete 3.bmp

Easy to Shine

COVERcrete acrylic water borne sealer and finish provides a sophicated low sheen appearance.

brochure template Cover crete 4.jpg

Easy to Protect

COVERcrete acrylic solvent sealer and finish guards against mositure and other things that would typically disintegrate concrete.

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