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Our patented LATC™ and LAUV™ materials, along with our proprietary MAP™ method for application is the ONLY robotically applied surface protection against defects from multilation during assembly or the environment during transportation to your finished product or part.

GROCO Specialty Coating has the ONLY alternative to the high cost of manually applied adhesive films, non-woven car covers, or plastic molded mutilation protection covers.

What is LATC™?

LATC™ (Liquid Applied Transit Coating) is our patented and production validated material that is specifically designed to provide damage protection for finished painted surfaces.

The material is a robotically applied liquid that cures to a semi-permeable film, allowing for necessary off-gassing of clear coat finishes to protect your paint surface immediately after paint job.

LATC™ is waterborne, low-Volatile Organize Compounds (VOC)  and oven-cured to a pliable, non-hazardous protective film. It is peelable and easily removed from the surface after transport and the cured material is 100% recyclable as filler when discarded.

What is LATC?

LATC™ Performance Testing

LATC™ has passed the temporary paint protection and downstream mutilation requirement validation test for five major OEMs with regards to: 

• chemical and aging test 

• long term environmental testing including 3, 6 and 12 months Florida exposure 

• mechanical mutilation test 

• wind tunnel test up to 125 mph.

Validation testing has also been passed for compatibility with products from major paint manufacturers, including Axalta, PPG, BASF, Akzo and Nippon.


Wind Tunnel


Oils and Greases


UV Rays & Acid Rains

What is LAUV?

What is LAUV™?


LAUV™ (Liquid Applied Ultraviolet) is our patent-pending material under development that is cured in seconds by ultraviolet light and designed to provide damage protection to finished hard surfaces.

The material is a robotically applied liquid that cures to a semi-permeable film.

LAUV™ is waterborne, low-VOC liquid and ultraviolet light-cured to a pliable, non-hazardous film. It is easily removed from the surface and is 100% recyclable as filler when discarded.

Solutions for Protection 

of any

Finished Painted Surfaces

We know how manufactured products receive accidental damage to exterior shells, internal and external parts and trims during the build-to-market cycle. Damage can occur in general assembly, transportation and even final destination resting areas, such as warehouses and dealer sales lots.

We also know that OEMs, Tier I suppliers, distributors and sales channels lose millions of dollars to warranty repairs, rework and delays to end-use customers as a result of accidental damage.

Whether your industry is automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment, industrial equipment, appliances, recreational vehicles, agriculture equipment, marine vessels, commercial or residential building products, our Robotically Applied Surface Protection will protect your product output from accidental damage.



  • Reduction of costs for manually applied films

  • Elimination of non-eco friendly removal products

  • Implementation of lean manufacturing

  • Protection to all surface contours​

  • Protection from accidental damage

  • Elimination of marring and scratching in transit

  • Reduction of costs for manually applied films

  • Elimination of non-eco friendly removal products

  • Implementation of lean manufacturing



GROCO Specialty Coating - Leader in Technology




There is a better way to install surface protection. 




When implementing the GROCO Robotically Applied Surface Protection program that includes the LATC™ material, applied through the Material Application Process via the MAP™ Cell Kit, domestic and global automotive OEMs are able to realize the following key outcomes that have a positive impact in their lean manufacturing mandate and bottomline:

  • Elimination of manual protective film application

  • In-plant paint finish restoration savings of >70%

  • In-transit paint finish restoration repair savings of >70%

  • Greater dealership satisfaction due to higher quality finish deliveries

  • Greater dealership satisfaction for faster, easier, greener vehicle prep

  • Customer satisfaction increase due to a high quality, all-robotic finish​




Most of the industrial coatings technology in the market place is solvent-based and hazardous to the environment. Our technology is water-based with very low VOC content. This technology easily meets EPA regulations and standards. We realize that helping industries reduce their overall VOC emissions by moving to water-based and waterborne coatings technology, we become a partner in reaching overall sustainability goals for manufactures and their suppliers.

Our coatings technologies meet EPA standards and fall far below EPA emissions limits, which by EPA definition, declares the technology as non-hazardous to the environment. GROCO Specialty Coatings technology produces coatings and materials that are in low VOC content. Our LATC™ material has been validated through an Environment Engineering and Testing Lab which found the “dry film” to be a Class II Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste. It was also determined that the “dry film” is recyclable in the plastics industry as a filler.


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