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Construction & Architectural Industries


TransSeal Glass peelable coatings are especially formulated for the protection of glass, plastic, granite, marble and laminate in the construction industries. This coating provides excellent protection from scratches, dings, marring and severe scuffing.  It is non-adhesive and easily removed.

Protection of Glass


GROCO's exterior Liquid ArmorGuard can be used for masking frames and windows as a spray product or roll on product on all buildings to protect your high value Glass and Window frames from debris, concrete or any other pollution during the build out of up to 36 months.

Our summer and winter formulations are for exterior use.  The recommended temperature for the summer formulations should be above 60 degrees Fahrenheit and the winter formulations should be above 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

GROCO's interior Liquid Armor can be used for masking frames and windows as a spray product or roll on product to replace traditional tape masking.  This film will protect window frame and window glass during over spraying from remodeling on your house and apartment.

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Easy Mall

GlassMasking paint provides an attractive alternative to unsightly papered windows

GlassMask is a paint-like product that is applied to windows with a roller. When it dries (within approximately 45 minutes) it can be easily peeled off.

GlassMask is specifically designed to provide temporary privacy for vacated glassed areas. GlassMask offers an attractive alternative to papered windows.

Shopping centers, realty and construction companies use GlassMask on vacated store windows, or glassed areas under construction.

For additonal color options, visit our partner Glassmask at

Protection of Other Materials

Alternative formulations are available for other materials (plastic, granite, marble and laminate).  Please contact Groco's customer service ( to assist you.

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