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GROCO has been the leading coating manufacturer in the dissolvable temporary surface protection for 20 years. Our dissolvable temporary protective coatings are used for the protection of aluminum components during assembly and transit.   This low VOC water-based product has been specially designed for the protection of all types of aluminum surfaces - andioze aluminum and polished aluminum. The acrylic blend allows excellent hardness and slip for protection of abrasion during manufacturing and handling of parts.

For more details on how to dissolve the materials, please contact GROCO's customer service at

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Our Easy-to-Peel temporary protective coatings for aluminum is an amine-soluble acrylic with an anti-corrosive pigment and other high-quality raw materials. This product is formulated to protect aluminum component surfaces during assembly. It protects the parts during drill, countersink, and rivet assembly.  After assembly, this product may be removed with GROCO HWAS SS Gel Remover.

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