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GRO-MAST™ Industrial Coating is a 100% acrylic elastomeric coating formulated with the highest quality raw materials available. Because of its high content of acrylic elastomeric vehicle the retention of the elongation properties helps the product to bridge cracks and very porous substrates.  Scientific laboratory testing established the fact that:


  • GRO-MAST™ endures the elements of weathering for 30 years without deterioration.

  • GRO-MAST™is water-soluble and allows ease of application with water clean up.

  • GRO-MAST™ reduces solar heat absorption- reflects almost 90% of solar heat off roof.

  • GRO-MAST™ contains no plasticizers so the membrane does not become brittle; It allows superior flexibility and elongation at low temperatures.

  • GRO-MAST™ is suitable for a variety of substrates. 

    • ​Excellent application for galvanized steel or pre-primed steel roofs, asphalt, and urethane foam or built-up roofs. 

    • Can be applied to tar, gravel, concrete, cinder block, stucco, plaster, sheet rock, or exterior masonry panels as a protective coating to reflect moisture or heat from the sun.

GRO-MAST™ provides ease of application by roller or spray and for small jobs by brush.  


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