Easy to Shine & Protect

Easy to Design

COVERcrete concrete premix and overlay are concrete mix base to apply over existing old concrete.

Easy to Color

COVERcrete concrete stains and paints allow you to color your concrete to whatever color you'd like.

Easy to Shine

COVERcrete acrylic water borne sealer and finish provides a sophicated low sheen appearance.

Easy to Protect

COVERcrete acrylic solvent sealer and finish guards against mositure and other things that would typically disintegrate concrete.

Easy to Shine & Easy to  Protect

After selecting the acrylic paint or acrylic stain finish from Easy to Color, an acrylic water-based or solvent sealer finish can be applied to provide a sophicated low sheen appearance and/or to protect again UV rays.

COVERcrete® Acrylic Clear Sealer and Finishes

Both water- and solvent-based sealers act as decorative and protective topcoats for concrete and are applied after concrete curing is complete. They are designed to protect the concrete from wear and tear and are the primary means of providing chemical and stain resistance for concrete.

Waterborne Sealer - For Low Sheen

The Groco water-based sealer is a non-yellowing, low- sheen acrylic product designed for use over new and old, properly prepared concrete surfaces. It may be used on concrete decks, floors, and walls. It can also be used for sealing heavy pores in concrete blocks. They are more commonly used as a topcoat to give a glossy look and to improve water resistance.

Solvent Sealer - For UV Protection

The Groco solvent sealer is a non-yellowing, premium quality acrylic resin (solvent base) formulated to penetrate and seal concrete decks, concrete overlay, stepping stones, and concrete floors.  This coating is clear when dry and provides an excellent barrier from foreign substances such as grease, oil, moisture, and water.  This sealer is 25% solvents.  It provides protection from high UV rays.

Clear or Solvent Sealer
Paint or Stain
Premix (JAWS) or
2 Component Premix & Additive
Existing Concrete

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