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Easy to Design
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Easy to Design

COVERcrete concrete premix and overlay are concrete mix base to apply over existing old concrete.

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Easy to Color

COVERcrete concrete stains and paints allow you to color your concrete to whatever color you'd like.

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Easy to Shine

COVERcrete acrylic water borne sealer and finish provides a sophicated low sheen appearance.

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Easy to Protect

COVERcrete acrylic solvent sealer and finish guards against mositure and other things that would typically disintegrate concrete.


Easy to Design

After any repairs to the existing concrete surface, the COVERcrete concrete premix (one component or two component premix) is applied to level and create a new surface over the existing concrete.  COVERcrete concrete overlay is applied on top of the COVERcrete concrete premix to create a decorative finish.

Choose the premix (one component premix or two component premix) and the overlay that are best suited for your need.

Step 1:  Choose Your Premix

COVERcrete® One Component Premix (JAWS)

GROCO's one component thinset premix  consists of a cement and sand matrix mixed with a polymer that dries to a uniform bond coat when water is added.  This one component dry mix is called Just Add Water System (JAWS).

COVERcrete® Two Component Premix 

GROCO's two component thinset premix consists of a cement and sand matrix with a polymer that drives to a uniform bond coat.  The user then adds the desired amount of concrete additive and water to achieve the desired level of bonding.

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Premix (JAWS) or 
2 Component Premix & Additive

Concrete Additive  - This product is a premixed vinyl acetate emulsion with mildewcide, and algaecide added. It is formulated to a specific weight solids level of 42% for better addition to concrete. It may be used to fortify lightweight concrete mixtures or as a pre bonding agent.

Step 2:  Choose Your Pattern

COVERcrete® Concrete Overlay

COVERcrete concrete overlay is designed to be applied on top of the COVERcrete premix concrete base to create deeper effects in concrete like cobblestone.  It is a system that covers existing concrete with many different texture designs forming a thin layer of concrete that may be color coated with an acrylic finish on a wide variety of decorative texture finishes.

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