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Easy to Color
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Easy to Design

COVERcrete concrete premix and overlay are concrete mix base to apply over existing old concrete.

Easy to Color

COVERcrete concrete stains and paints allow you to color your concrete to whatever color you'd like.

Easy to Shine

COVERcrete acrylic water borne sealer and finish provides a sophicated low sheen appearance.

Easy to Protect

COVERcrete acrylic solvent sealer and finish guards against mositure and other things that would typically disintegrate concrete.


Easy to Color

After selecting the dry mix from Easy to Design, select either an acrylic concrete paint or stain base colorants to create your look.

COVERcrete® Acrylic Concrete Paint and Stain Base Finishes are quality waterborne acrylic that penetrates and seals porous concrete-based substrates.

COVERcrete® Acrylic Paint

Our paint finishes are available in five(5) base and eighteen(18) standard solid colors.  

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Premix (JAWS) or
2 Component Premix & Additive
Existing Concrete

Acrylic Base Colors

Base Kahlua

Base Mid Tone

Base Texas Tone

Base Ultra Deep

Base White

Acrylic Standard Colors

Arizona Sugar

Austin Stone



Brick Red


California Smoke

Dallas Rock

El Paso Wine

Fort Worth Gray

Galveston Slate

Houston Tan

Mission Tan

Mexican Sable

Nevada Sand

Tea N Cream

Texas Bone

San Antonio Brick

Acrylic Standard Color Palette

18 covercrete paint color chart.jpg

COVERcrete® Acrylic Stain Base

Our stain base  are available in eight(8) base colors and thirty(30) or more custom colors.  All stain color concentrates require the purchase of the stain base clear to create the final stain product for the application.

covercreat stain diagram.png
Premix (JAWS) or
2 Component Premix & Additive
Existing Concrete

Acrylic Stain Base Colors 

Mist Reef

Alamo Moss

Harvest Rust

Aztec Brown


Inca Palm

Cedar Teak

Iced Chocolate

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